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Recruiting Services
Our candidates have been placed at premiere companies in the Albany Capital Region and Saratoga Springs, New York as well as across the United States. We have the experience to locate the right candidate for your open position - if your firm is on the Fortune 500 or a small to medium-sized business.

Research and Sourcing
Eagle Recruiting Services' search process has been refined and updated to keep pace with both the current candidate market situation and the available technology. The heart of the process is the development of a customized recruitment plan that fits your needs. First, we learn about your corporate culture and short and long-term goals. Next, we define the scope of the assignment and work with your team to create profiles of the positions to be filled. Using all the resources at our disposal, including - competitor information, sources within the industry, confidential referrals, Internet databases and our extensive network - we surface potential candidates.

Employee Retention
Employee retention is the most critical issue facing corporate leaders as a result of the shortage of skilled labor, economic growth and employee turnover. Struggling with uncontrolled turnover? We can help. Designed to provide employers--executives, managers, and human resource professionals--with a wide range of tools to control employee turnover, ERS offers a wide range of products and services to help you to build retain your most valuable players... and profit. Workforce stability can be your competitive advantage in these turbulent times. Employee retention takes effort, energy, and resources...and the results are worth it.

Take advantage of our Innerview Interviews for exit interviews, stay interviews, and candidate interviews. Focused behavioral interviews conducted by certified human resource professionals. Fast turnaround delivers information for decision makers concerned about maintaining a stable, productive workforce.

Outplacement Services
For decades major corporations have relied on expensive career management firms to help them transition their displaced executives. But today's marketplace is very different. Today, employers are faced with a double challenge. On one hand, outplacement services aren't just for high-level executives anymore. HR professionals know they will be re-recruiting many of their laid off workers within a year or two, and want to provide some form of assistance to ALL of them. On the other hand, there's simply not enough cash in the budget to offer structured, expensive services to hundreds or thousands of workers at once.

Self Service Solutions
ERS offers a fresh new solution that answers both needs. ERS Web-based Career Portal, Job Search Tools and e-Learning allows you to offer a wide range of self-service outplacement resources to a much larger population of your workers... at a much lower cost. No other solution can match the high value of our training, job search tools and information, and no other solution can match the low cost of ERS self-service outplacement.

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Self Assessment Form
Compensation Suite
Job Search Organizer
Resume Toolkit
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Resume Bank
Power Job Search
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One-on-One Coaching
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Hot Candidate
Review the top ERS candidates looking to make a change! These individuals soar above the rest in their industries. Register or login now to study their overviews.

Candidate Preview
Our candidates have the opportunity to record a two-minute video introduction to be included with their online resume. View ERS’ candidates online, before you schedule the interview.

Database Access
Registered employers will have access to our online database to search for candidates at their leisure. Find someone who looks like a good fit? Then call us at (518) 533-2994, and together we’ll review the candidates’ qualifications and your position opening.

Job Posting
Post your open positions with ERS online job market. Your position will be viewed by hundreds of active and passive candidates a day.

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